Tokyo Design Week 2016 インタラクティブ展にて、早稲田大学基幹理工学部表現工学科橋田朋子研究室として9作品出展。「HELLO HUMAN, GOODBYE HUMAN.」のプロデュース、ディレクションを担当。

This exhibition seeks to dispel the preconceived notion of “interactions” as “human beings acting on machines.” It seeks to discuss examine the forms of interactions that begin from machines. As technologies spread rapidly and autonomous machines like drones and cleaning robots continue to naturally enter everyday spaces, it is already the case that humans are not necessarily at the centre of interactions.
The exhibition unveiled a group of works that seek to embody the imminent future of interactions that begin from machines.

At Tokyo Design Week 2016 Interactive Exhibition
I was responsible for producing and directing of the exhibition “HELLO HUMAN, GOODBYE HUMAN.”